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    En Viu Atelier is a collective of artists and artisan with focus on special projects and commissions. The Atelier has developed keen interest and expertise in the integration of traditional and contemporary methods of art-making, intuitively linking notions of the old world and the contemporary.


    With locations in New York City and Antwerp, En Viu's portfolio represents works for some of the most established designers, architects, hoteliers and private collectors worldwide.


    The Atelier is open by appointment, and full portfolio is available upon request.




    EnViu Advisory provides specialized curation and procurement of fine art and collection management with research teams operating in art epicenters: New York and Antwerp. As an aesthetic pursuit or as an investment, art collecting is a rewarding process. En Viu Advisory and it’s founders specialize in contemporary art and collectible design objects, collaborating with clients at all levels of experience.


    Extensive due diligence brings confidence to any acquisition, and En Viu Advisory consults with curators, specialists, and other collectors in it’s network to ensure the most comprehensive understanding of any work, artist or collection.


    By creating an overarching narrative of a project or collection, En Viu Advisory presents clients with highly curated selections of top quality artworks and objects. Our main focus as an advisory is to introduce our clients to the world of art by curating collections and designing spaces that reflect who they are and their unique sensibilities.